The Tower That Looms

Hogtown has endless interesting vantage points on the CN Tower. I also work pretty much right under it, so maybe that’s why it seems to watch me  follow me wherever I go. It’s easy to forget what an amazing structure the C.N. Tower is when you live here, but I find myself seeing it with fresh eyes these days with a renewed interest in photography. It manages to maintain a modern feel while still reminding me of 1977 (or 1987, 2nd shot below), around when it first rose over a more quaint Toronto ‘The Good’.

I don’t know for how long though, all the condos going up downtown look intent on consuming even this grand lady.

A photo posted by Dave Carpenter (@davercarp) on

A photo posted by Dave Carpenter (@davercarp) on

A photo posted by Dave Carpenter (@davercarp) on

Let Them Eat Cake

If we can make your audio and video files smaller, we can make cancer smaller. And hunger. And… AIDS. Gavin Belson, CEO, Hooli, HBO’s Silicon Valley.

Okay, massive editorial swing today from the warm and fuzzy, to mad-as-hell tech industry truther! At least I’m not writing it from my mother’s basement. This is pretty juicy though:

Uber (synonyms ‘above’, ‘superior’), the extremely well bankrolled Silicon Valley startup car service is in more hot water, now approaching a boiling point. Today news broke on Buzzfeed that one of Uber’s senior executives and advisor to the Pentagon mused openly to a Buzzfeed editor about spending in the six figures to hire a team of ‘opposition researchers’  tasked with personally smearing media members not on their BFF list, namely, popular PandoDaily tech writer Sarah Lacy – and her family.

When confronted with a wave of backlash (check out #uber for a sample), the exec explained that the conversation was supposed to be off the record and didn’t reflect his or his company’s views.

Can we please move on now? Uber is in business of making the world a better place that includes partnering with french escort services and steamrolling local taxi services

This reminds me of an extreme version of the kind of vibe I’ve felt in dealing with some folks at big silicon valley companies, who brim with the sanctimonious corporate kool aid.

Hubris at the height of another tech bubble, or the shape of things to come? Either way, it feels like a creepy technological aristocracy forming in a place that still prides itself as revolutionary.

The Space in Between

So I’m back after a mere 2,000 day (give or take) vacation from Carpendium. Much has happened.

My sweet kids, between toddler and tweendom, now function with fewer tantrums but more complexity .

The ‘silver’ hair atop my head and upon my chin no longer expresses itself subtly.

I am in better shape than my younger, minus 2,000 days self, what with a few marathons and triathlons under my belt.

I am less well read though. Thank you Netflix.

My wife is still the same beauty, as always.

I started to get more into photography, found here, here, and in storyform here.

I think photography is going to play a part in this space, and written bits floating around my cranium.

We’ll have to see; a lot of space in between.

On the bike trail, Martha’s Vineyard, summer trip 2013.